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WiFi Made Family Sick

Dear Dr. Arlene King,

In response to your comments that WiFi is absolutely safe, our family has avoided two surgeries simply by turning off the WiFi. This technology can cause serious health changes. It should carry warnings and has no place in elementary schools.
About 5 years ago, I moved our wireless router to the upstairs living room so that our neighbour could leach Internet access from it as there were no more DSL pairs available in our home town of Wingham at the time. This  put my wife in very close proximity to the router on a continual basis; essentially, 16 hours a day.
After some months – ten to twelve - she started to develop a rash on her hands that wouldn't clear up. She saw the family doctor on numerous occasions for diagnosis and treatment which was steroid cream. The medication did nothing to alleviate the symptoms and she tried many more topical remedies. She also presented chronic sinus pain that required medication.
Eventually, this irritation, that looked like an allergic reaction, started to progress to her face. After another consultation with the doctor, she was referred to an allergist. He tested her for allergies to scores of substances and they were all negative. For whatever reason, he wanted to examine her sinus cavity and did so using a lighted scope. He was rather startled when he remarked that it appeared that her adenoids were blocking her airway by approximately 70%. He recommended referral to an ear, nose and throat specialist to determine if they would have to be removed.
We were familiar with the specialist for that treatment as our oldest son had to have his tonsils and adenoids removed about 6 months before. In his case, his tonsils were so enlarged that he had very serious episodes of apnea, so much so that he was put on nasonex to try to reduce the size of his tonsils.
His younger brother  started to present the same symptoms and both he and my wife were seeing Dr. Hughes (the ENT specialist) at the same time.
At this point we had not connected all of these apparently unrelated symptoms. I should also note that my wife’s adenoid surgery was postponed due to her pregnancy.  That pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage at 6 weeks that was not discovered until 11 weeks during a routine ultrasound. The doctor concluded that the fetal heartbeat had stopped at 6 weeks.
Around this time I was trying to find a treatment for her skin condition because nothing was helping (steroids, gloves, other topical preparations, changing to hypoallergenic cleaners, etc.).  Quite coincidentally, I read about a woman in the UK that seemed to have a similar condition (skin rashes most specifically, but also dizziness and some of the other symptoms).
I suggested that we see what would happen if we used regular wired connections in our home rather than WiFi or any other wireless devices. We were rather surprised to see how quickly her condition improved.  It did not totally subside, but her face cleared up within a few days and her hands were a great deal better.  So much so that she didn't need to use steroid creams (which provided little relief anyway).  In addition, her chronic sinus pain disappeared.
Interestingly, if she did get exposed to WiFi signals, her symptoms would return with a notable lag on when the skin rash would break out --  about  36-48 hours later.
A very short time after this, both she and my oldest son visited the ENT specialist prior to surgery for adenoid and tonsillectomy.  He was rather surprised that they both had completely normal looking glands and their surgeries were cancelled.  Note that since that time, no one in the family has had any throat or other upper respiratory infections which were frequent in retrospect.
I myself noticed that after the WiFi was removed from our home, I no longer felt a mild sinus congestion that had been there for quite some time.  It was never severe enough for me to seek treatment, but it has never returned since.  I wonder if I had the fewest symptoms because I spent the most amount of time outside the home.
I would like to offer the following list of symptoms that we have experienced: headache, dizziness, sinus congestion, sinus pain, lack of concentration, depression, heart palpitations, skin rash, glandular swelling, joint pain*, poor sleep, fatigue.
* as regards the joint pain, I would like to note that another symptom that my wife had was severe knee pain that was attributed to her feet and resulted in the prescription of orthotics. Interestingly, since the removal of the WiFi from our home and the abatement of her other symptoms, she has no longer needed to use orthotics.
I can only conclude that this is not a safe technology.
Best regards,
B. Townsend
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