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Warning To School Board

August 28, 2010


Letter to School Board and Trustees


Further to our many delegations, conversations, and letters to your offices, we are writing to remind you that any public statement that WiFi is safe for schools is false.


I am attaching a document to verify this.  It is a review of the health risks associated with wireless communications devices from The Royal Society of Canada. It was commissioned by Health Canada in 1999.


This document from the highest scientific authority in our country clearly outlines that biological effects and health effects do occur from microwave radiation used by “wireless communication devices” including the specific frequencies transmitted by the school WiFi devices in Simcoe County, and at well below the established “safe” guidelines printed by Health Canada in Safety Code 6, based on the thermal effect.


Specifically, the Royal Society of Canada concludes that well below thermal effects the microwaves used by WiFi devices can compromise the integrity of the blood-brain barrier (Sect 6.6 pg 44).


It also concludes that microwave radiation from wireless communication devices at intensities below health Canada’s Guidelines can activate ODC salivary enzymes known to promote cancer in humans.  (Sect 6.3.3 pg 41-42)


It concludes that microwaves at these frequencies and below Health Canada’s Guidelines disrupt calcium regulation. (Sect 6.2 pg 35)


It also concludes that there is “strong evidence that microwave irradiation produces behavioural and associated biochemical changes at or below the occupational exposure limits in SC6”. (Sect 6.7 pg 46)


We want to ensure you that we are quoting the best scientific opinion available to you. The Royal Society of Canada, in an expert panel report to Health Canada is an irrefutable source on the subject in this country. It cites 468 peer reviewed studies, scientific reports and high court rulings. We believe you will consider this to be sufficient evidence and stand by the Royal Society’s conclusion that exposure to microwaves can indeed change physical biology at frequencies transmitted using WiFi devices, at levels below health Canada’s limits.


The Royal Society’s conclusions would suggest that blanketing an entire school system with constant microwave exposure is an application that will predictably pose a public health “risk”, especially among children.


This is because scientific consensus declares that children are among the most vulnerable to microwave radiation (ICNIRP General Approach to Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation, pg 546), as per documents provided to your staff on April 17th.


Microwave exposure limits in Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 as you were told at a delegation on Feb 24th, are based on heating the skin of a grown man after 6 minutes of exposure to microwaves, not changing the biological function of a 4 year old girl after microwave exposure for 6 hours per day, five days per week over fourteen years. These limits have not been scientifically set, there is no consensus that this is safe, and therefore statements regarding the safety of our children are without foundation.


No study has been conducted to determine whether these proven biological changes are expressing in health effects. It would contravene accepted criteria of scientific ethics to expose children to proven harmful agents such as microwaves from WiFi in order to prove harm or no harm. Yet that is exactly what you are doing in schools without any notification or informed consent.


We have observed heart irregularities and other symptoms requiring emergency room treatment. We have reported this to you through parental delegations on April 28 this year. We are writing now to remind you that there is scientifically accepted evidence that biological changes do occur from the daily microwave exposure to which you are subjecting our children in the schools under your jurisdiction.


We request that after you and your staff review the literature we have been sending you since last December, that you confirm the above information, and immediately turn off the WiFi system in our schools until you can disprove the current international scientific consensus on the biological effects of low intensity microwave irradiation.



Safe School Committee

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