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In November 2010, the Simcoe County School Board measured microwave radiation at Mountain View Elementary School.  Microwave levels from WiFi exceeded Safety Code 6 when downloading from the internet.  The consultant then wrote that no person should be on the computer for more than 4.5 minutes.  In truth, since radiation levels exceed the safety limits no child should be on that computer at all.  The School Board has done nothing to make the computer network safe. Therefore in June 2011 the Parent Council has wrote to the Director of Education asking for urgent intervention.


The letter from Parent Council below:

Kathi Wallace

Director of Education

Simcoe County District School Board

1170 Highway 26

Midhurst, ON

L0L 1X0


June 9, 2011



Re:   Microwave Levels in school exceed Health Canada Safety Threshold and World Health Organization reclassifies microwave radiation as “Class 2B Possible Carcinogen” 



Dear Kathi Wallace:



On May 31 of this year the World Health Organization reclassified microwave radiation from wireless devices such as WiFi into the category of Class 2B Possible Carcinogen.


For more than a year our School Council has been petitioning your Board to allow us to hard-wire the handful of computers using the wireless internet system in the school so that the WiFi can be turned off to protect children’s health from microwave radiation.


In the SCDSB document issued September 2010 titled Wireless Technology Questions and Answers the Board states clearly that: “Wireless Technology used in all schools and facilities within the Simcoe County District School Board meets the safety standards and guidelines established by Health Canada and the World Health Organization.”


On May 31st of this year the World Health organization changed its position and flagged radiation from wireless communication devices as a possible carcinogen and placed it on the Class 2B Carcinogen list. This is the same category which includes Lead, DDT and car exhaust. This list is designed to alert public policy makers like yourself that there is a suspicion of severe harm, and that this agent is a potential hazard to human health, especially children.


Further, the levels of microwave radiation measured in our school by Board consultant Tony Muc on November 25th, 2010, exceed Health Canada's safety limit when a student is using a computer to download information using the school’s WiFi.


Given that Health Canada’s safety limit for microwave radiation is exceeded in our school, and that the World Health Organization now warns that this radiation is a possible carcinogen, our council respectfully requests that you review and update the WiFi policy immediately and turn off the wireless system in our school in order to protect the children from the possibility of cancer induced by exposure to the microwave radiation it emits.


We appreciate your urgent attention to this matter and await your response.




Stacy Manning

Anita Hearn,


On behalf of the Mountain View School Council


cc.  All Superintendants

       All Trustees



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