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In November 2010, the Simcoe County School Board measured microwave radiation at Mountain View Elementary School.  Microwave levels from WiFi exceeded Safety Code 6 when downloading from the internet.  The consultant then wrote that no person should be on the computer for more than 4.5 minutes.  In truth, since radiation levels exceed the safety limits no child should be on that computer at all.  The School Board has done nothing to make the computer network safe. Therefore in June 2011 the school council wrote to the Minister of Education asking for urgent intervention.  

The letter from School Council below:


Mountain View Elementary School Council


May 10, 2011


Minister of Education

Queen’s Park                                                                                      

Toronto ON 

M7A 1L2


Dear Minister Dombrowsky,                                                                                                                          


Re: Microwave levels in school exceed Health Canada limits


On November 25, 2010, a Simcoe County District School Board consultant measured the levels of microwave radiation emitted by the WiFi system at Mountain View Elementary School in Collingwood.


The consultant’s report (SCDSB Report No. BF-1-7, Feb 9, 2011) shows that a measurement was recorded in excess of Health Canada’s safety limit for human exposure to microwave radiation. This measurement was registered in close proximity to a WiFi enabled laptop computer in the school. This reflects the exposure students receive while working at a WiFi enabled computer in the school.


In the school Board staff report (pg 3, sect. 4) it states that 4.5 minutes of microwave exposure at this level of intensity would be deemed unacceptable by Health Canada. Since it is expected that children use computers for more than 4.5 minutes at a time, it is therefore unacceptable to expose children to a WiFi enabled laptop in our school.


In your correspondence of June 8, 2010 regarding the Board’s use of Wifi in schools, you wrote that Health Canada has “concluded that the devices are safe” based on its guidelines in Safety Code 6.


However, this Simcoe County District School Board report shows that the microwave levels inside our school are proven to exceed Health Canada’s acceptable limits published in Safety Code 6. The Safety Code allows for a maximum exposure to microwave radiation of 1.0 mW/cm2, and the level in our school was measured at 1.34 mW/cm2, which is 34% higher than Health Canada's acceptable limit (Report No. BF-1-7 Appendix A-5).. Therefore the children and teachers in our school are being exposed to a dangerous level of microwave radiation that exceeds Health Canada's safety limit.


In the five months since this testing was completed, the Simcoe County District School Board has not turned off the WiFi microwave system, and has not adequately notified parents, students or teachers that touching a laptop computer using WiFi for more than 4.5 minutes may expose a student to levels of microwave radiation that Health Canada deems unsafe and detrimental to human health.


Therefore we urgently request you intervene and order the school Board to turn off the WiFi system in Mountain View Elementary School.  An immediate safe alternative is to hardwire the few computers that use the WiFi system for internet connection.




Stacy Manning

Anita Hearn

School Council Co-chairpersons

On Behalf of Mountain View Elementary School Council

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