Safe School

Symptoms reported by Students exposed to WiFi in Classrooms

* Headaches

* Dizziness - Nausea - Vertigo (subsides when student leaves the school)

* Visual and Auditory Distortion (unsure of where they are, voices change volume)

* Racing Heart Rate
(Tachycardia) Click here for more details

* Memory Loss 
(trouble remembering school material)

* Attention Deficit (trouble concentrating while in class)

* Skin Rash (goes away on school breaks)

* Hyperactivity/Anxiety
(behaviour not previously seen in the child)

* Night Sweats
(unexplainable, unrelated to fever)

* Insomnia
 (microwaves affect melatonin levels)

Please report any Changes in Your Child's Health:

Some parents note that in the past year their kids "aren't quite the same". Their children have dropped a grade, are despondent or "out of sorts." In some cases teachers are noting these changes in the student.

Symptoms of Microwave exposure can vary from child to child. All of these symptoms have been reported by parents of children attending schools in Simcoe County. The symptoms tend to subside when the children come home, or on weekends and holidays.

The Microwave intensity inside one Simcoe kindergarten classroom was measured at 4X Stronger than when standing near a cell phone tower, although there were no computers in that classroom. The WiFi could be turned off without impact.

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