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Selling WiFi

     A sales campaign called the “21st Century Learner” is putting microwave transmitters into classrooms across Canada. The sales job is so successful the systems are being bought by countless schools which already have safe cable internet connection.


     It all began in 2002 with a group of technology companies dreaming up how to sell their stuff to schools.  Here is a link to the sales team -- the corporations who came up with the "21st Century Learner" campaign that was soon disguised as an "education" campaign. Many school boards have been fooled.


     This is the Cisco sales document: "Equipping Every Learner for the 21st Century."


     When you get to the board level the language of "21st Century Learner" and "new pedagogues" in teaching (which means wireless) are found across the country.


     In Simcoe County, a vast area north of Toronto, three paragraphs from the CISCO sales material wound up in the Simcoe County Board of Education Technology document to justify the purchase of wireless even though the schools are already safely hard-wired. Further, zero per cent of parents wanted wireless according to the board's published survey in the same report.


     Across the country, the sales campaign of the "21st Century Learner" is popping up in countless education reports. It always justifies the need for wireless microwave transmitters in the class.


     Here is exactly the same language about the "21st Century Learner" and the new "pedagogues" in teaching from a school board in Alberta. Again, the bottom line is that children need microwave transmitters:


     "The technological infrastructure needed to achieve this goal will be a top priority in the first year of this plan. Blueprints are already in the works to introduce a wireless environment by the end of year two." pg. 2.  Click here for full report 

      Here is the same language by the Toronto District School Board, which currently has safe cable connections in all of its schools, but is planning a blanket coverage with microwave transmitters through all schools.  Click here for full report


      Educators in New Brunswick are also parroting the same slick sales campaign with documents about "21st Century Learning".

     None of these documents consider the safety of the system. There is no known safe level of microwave radiation on children anywhere in the world. There are no safety studies on children and chronic exposure to microwave radiation from WiFi.

     Click the New York Times article which shows no improvement in test scores despite huge investments in technology in school. September 2011.  

     Click Los Angeles Times article 
which suggests that businesses benefit the most from
investments in technology in classrooms, not students. February 2012.

     Click the Newsmagazine of the BC Teachers' Federation "The Ministry's 21st Century Obsession" (October 2010).  The article gives many examples of provincial governments buying into and promoting the "21st Century" sales campaign. 

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