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School Neighbour Writes

This is a letter the Safe School Committee received from a person living beside a school with microwave transmitters outdoor for WiFi in the portables. She has constant ringing in her ears.

I am one of many homes that live beside school portables that are receiving WiFi from a large antenna on top of the school and portable classrooms. They are placed all around this school and I measured its peak level from my bedroom at 0.129 mw/m2. 
It causes a strong tone in my ears. Our health is only normal in July and August.  Once school starts up again it’s like living in a microwave oven.
Why are schools broadcasting WiFi to their outdoor classrooms when it can be wired???
Why are WiFi (external/outdoor) systems left on while facing homes?
This is not only a waste of money, it’s unhealthy for everyone especially the residents who are exposed every day and night.
Where I live we have a school that had a so-called cancer cluster, and was recently closed. Even though they said it was not a problem and buried the issue, they still closed it. All the students from that school are being sent to this school next month (with WiFi).

The school that was closed was in the middle of 3 giant cell towers. 

We actually lived near two of those cell towers many years ago and were very ill from that so we moved across town to this other area that did not have any antennas. Our health improved - then they put in WiFi without consulting the residents.
Thank you for your concern on this.

Resident of B.C.
(we withheld name)

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