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     After students and parents started speaking out about health changes following the installation of WiFi in their schools, people across Canada began writing the Safe School Committee about similar experiences with WiFi.

     We asked people to document their experiences and forward them to Dr. Arlene King, the Chief Medical Officer of Health in Ontario. Dr. King has announced on several occasions that years of exposure to pulsing microwave radiation from WiFi is perfectly safe for children. But no safe level of microwave radiation for children has been established anywhere in the world. Abundant studies show that pulsed microwave radiation from frequencies including WiFi can make people ill and increase their risk of cancer. 
     Currently, there is no authority in the country collecting reports
of illness caused by WiFi, which is surprising since it was put on
the market without any safety testing. Bombarding children with
microwaves is untested, yet provincial and federal authorities
turn a blind eye when children or adults report illness. Hundreds
of studies show it can cause the exact illnesses being

    Below are a few of the letters the Chief Medical Officer of
Health, the Minister of Education in Ontario and the Safe School
Committee has received:

Click: Warning to MOH
Click: Professor's Testimony
Click: Ont. Teacher writes
Click: U.K. Teacher writes
Click: WiFi Made Family Sick
Click: School Neighbour writes
Click: One Woman's Story
Click: WiFi Made Me Ill
Click: Urgent Appeal

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