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Parents Vote to Turn Off the WiFi

When Parents at a school in Meaford, Ontario, were informed about the health risks from low level microwave radiation, they overwhelmingly voted to TURN OFF the WiFi in their children’s school.

In a sensible approach, the Principal of St. Vincent Euphrasia elementary school agreed to turn off the microwave transmitters if a majority of parents voted for it. The Parent Council sent out a survey and 88 % of parents who responded voted to TURN OFF the WiFi  and reconnect to the internet with the existing cables.

Now the Blue Water District School Board and Trustees are refusing.

At the Safe School Committee we understand unequivocally that parents are the biggest stakeholder in the health of their own children. It is the obligation of school board’s across the country to protect the health of the children. 

"After learning the whole story about WiFi, parents voted to protect their children's health and plug the computers back in with hardwires," said Mr. Andrew Couper, a member of the elected School Council.

The School Council is a government mandated body obligated under provincial guidelines to inform parents of any serious issue affecting their school.

"This is something every school council across Canada should be questioning," said Mr. Couper.


This is the Survey that was sent to parents:


Some Ontario parents are reporting their children have become ill since their schools installed WIFI microwave transmitters. Symptoms may not be noticeable but are well documented in a report to Health Canada by the Royal Society of Canada. One SVE parent has already removed her child due to these health hazards.

The SVE Parent Council proposed and agreed unanimously that these transmitters should be turned off and reconnect to the internet using the existing cables. This change would not affect your child's use of the computers. The internet will still work as before and the school's effort to teach your child computer skills would not change. This WIFI system is much stronger than the one you may have at home.

Please support our decision. We encourage you to vote and sign this form immediately, so our kids will have the least amount of exposure possible.

SVE Parent Council


  • I agree with the SVE Parent Council that the School Board should turn off all wireless microwave transmitters and access the internet through existing cables until a study has been done on children's long term exposure to microwaves. 
  • I have read all of the Biological Effects (Health Problems) that may occur in my child (listed below) stated by the Royal Society of Canada in a report for Health Canada. I am aware of these risks and agree with the continued use of wireless microwave transmitters (WIFI) in the school.



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Health Canada's "safety" guidelines on microwaves declare a danger only if the temperature of a person's skin, or internal organs increases from exposure to the microwaves. However, Health Canada also acknowledges that "biological effects" can occur even if the skin doesn't get hot. These biological changes can happen even at very low levels such as those emitted from the school's WIFI system.

According to the Royal Society of Canada in a Report to HEALTH CANADA, these biological effects include:

-weakening (compromising) the blood-brain-barrier which is responsible for keeping diseases out of the brain. A weakenedblood-brain-barrier cannot be repaired. Health Canada acknowledges that children are more vulnerable to this than adults.
-activate ODC salivary enzymes known to promote cancer in humans
-disrupt calcium regulation
-shows strong evidence that microwave irradiation produces behavioural and associated biochemical changes
-all of the above changes occur at or below the occupational exposure limits in Canada's Safety Code 6.

There are currently no guidelines for low-level long-term exposure which is what is happening in our school.

The current Guidelines are for short term Thermal Exposure only. If the microwave transmitter does not heat the internal organs of an adult male (180 lbs) in 6 minutes or less, it is considered safe.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Education's Guide for School Councils (2001 pg.4.4) the SVE School Parent Council has a responsibility to inform the school community stakeholders of these proven biological changes that may occur in children so that they can be fully informed of the potential risks to children being exposed to these microwaves on a daily basis in school.

The LEX report recently done on SVE states that "These exposure limits do not address long-term exposure to low levels of RF (microwaves)," which is exactly the circumstance under which your child and all children in the school are being exposed. In other words, the report is incomplete and intentionally does not advise on levels known to cause biological changes.

For more information please visit or contact SVE School Community Council at  

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