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Parent sues to get Wi-Fi removed from Portland schools

Meghan Kalkstein KATU News
       Published: Jun 23, 2011


David Morrison is suing Portland Public Schools in an effort to get the
district to pull Wi-Fi out of the schools.

PORTLAND, Ore. - A parent of a Portland Public Schools student is suing the district claiming Wi-Fi in the schools has alarming effects on children.

David Morrison wants the district to pull Wi-Fi out of the schools immediately and filed a federal lawsuit Friday.

He says not only are there harmful health effects but that it’s a constitutional issue as well.

Last year Morrison took his daughter out of a private school because he said it put a cell tower on campus. Now his 13-year-old goes to Mount Tabor Middle School which is the very school where parents signed petitions just last year to keep a tower from going up next to the school’s playground.

After researching the issue for a year, Morrison said he found concerning information about health effects from radiation, especially around kids.

“The case is a constitutional issue – freedom of choice for safe environment for my daughter,” he said.

Morrison said he feels he’s got a pretty good chance in court. He’s got several health experts prepared to testify.

A similar case happened in Chicago in 2003. At the time the district there said they were complying with all government regulations for wireless networks.

When asked what he’ll do if he doesn’t win his case, Morrison said he’ll likely pull his daughter out of Portland Public Schools.

KATU News contacted the district but hadn’t heard from it by airtime Wednesday night.

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