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Ont. Teacher Writes

Dear Dr. King,

My name is Nancy Miller; I am an elementary occasional teacher with the Limestone District School Board, and am writing to voice my concerns about WiFi in schools. This technology is having devastating effects on my health and is bringing my career as a teacher to a premature end.

I can no longer tolerate the microwave frequencies emitted by wireless devices and am very concerned for the health of the students I teach. You need to listen to those of us who are feeling direct effects - our bodies do not lie. Mine is an expert at
detecting these frequencies. It will tell me if you have mistakenly brought your cell phone near me or into my home, or if your home or office has WiFi: within a few minutes, the headache, muscle aches and spasms, pounding heart and agitation become much too uncomfortable - a fight or flight scenario happens, and I have to leave. Except that if I'm in a class room with children in my care, I can't leave; I either have to sit down and try and tough it out or get assistance. These episodes, which also occur in other public places, leave me with lingering fatigue and muscle aches, unable to function when I get home. For several months during the last school year, I would tell myself to "tough it out", that I should be able to handle it. (I come from a military family whose mantra was "buck up" and "stick to it.") Except that with environmental sensitivities, that is precisely what NOT to do, as each additional exposure makes things worse.

Please let the Precautionary Principal and stories like mine be your guide when considering this very important issue. The convenience of wireless and its seeming invisibility have made it too readily accepted. Safe, cabled alternatives are available.

Yours sincerely,

Nancy Miller, B.A., B.Ed., O.C.T.

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