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Navy Weapons Made Me Ill

Testimonial - US Navy Exposure


     “For fours years I was a sailor in the US Navy. My job description was an electronic warfare specialist. The anti-ship missile defense systems I worked on daily produced massive amounts of RF Radiation (up to 17GHz). After leaving the Navy in 2008, I began experiencing some minor health problems...trouble sleeping, unexplained weight gain, tiredness, irritability, etc. In April 2011 I discovered I had five large growths on my thyroid, and parathyroid. The doctors said it would be best to remove the glands all together. Now I'm on medication for the rest of my life. RF radiation is dangerous. I was never told about the possible side-effects of being around that much RF and HV radiation, or else I would have never gone into that particular rate in the military. The MHz that is produced by many cell phones is nothing compared to what the sailors in this rate have to be exposed to on a daily basis.”

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