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Get rid of wireless in schools



     Run, don’t walk, to the library and read “Disconnect” by science researcher Devra Davis.


     I read this after following articles in your paper about wireless being installed in schools. It is a collection of studies that have been suppressed by the huge electronic companies that definitely and absolutely show DNA damage with the use of cellphones, portable phones and baby monitors. Brains tumours have tripled in some countries in the under-20 age group. Learning behaviour and memory are affected. There is an unspoken rule in most countries that microwave towers must be kept far from schools and bedroom windows. As for what these radio frequency waves do to adults, just read this book. Who knew that Lloyds of London who insures dancers legs, will not insure companies who produce microwave products from future medical claims.


     Again we are seeing that scientists who conduct studies for big companies, on their dollar, are a menace to society.


     Like France, get rid of WiFi in schools and install landlines.


     Gloria Thompson,

     Wasaga Beach.

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