Safe School

My name is Jordan and I am a student at Mount Doug High School.


I have Electro Magnetic Hypersensitivity, and anything that sends out microwaves makes me sick and makes my life very difficult. 


A very important scientific study was published last week called “Effects of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Signal Exposure on Brain Glucose Metabolism”. The study concludes that the human brain is sensitive to the effects of EMF from cell phone exposure. 


I could have told them that, because my brain is affected by it every day, just like it is affected by WiFi. One of the scientists said "It's time to stop denying the existence of nonthermal effects." That means a lot to me, because it confirms what I’ve been saying. The guidelines set up by Health Canada are wrong and need to be changed.


Personally, I don’t care what Health Canada says is safe or not. People attempting to discredit World Scientists seems kind of ridiculous to me. The evidence is mounting and I know what I need to do to feel better. 


My home has become one of the only places I can go to feel better. I shouldn’t have to consider moving to the middle of nowhere to avoid this thick cloud of microwaves.


I shouldn’t have to make a choice between attending school and feeling healthy, but that is my reality right now. 


It’s going to be extremely challenging for me to finish Grade 12 and attend university as I feel very ill when spending time in WiFi. 


I will have to be very creative to figure out how to get my education and have a decent life.


I’ve heard some people saying that if we don’t have WiFi in our schools, that kids with Special Needs are entitled to. I am pretty sure that the software they need can be downloaded and used without WiFi. If technology inventors are so smart, why can’t they figure out a way for students to access these educational resources in a way that the signal doesn’t have to go through the air, the walls, the desks and through student’s bodies? Why can’t the creators of technology like iPads get creative, and make it work all the time without WiFi? Has anybody even asked them? I’m sure they would make something that works pretty fast if the schools demanded it or else refused to buy it.


I think it would be kind of ironic if WiFi does get approved because of this requirement for Special Needs students. The choice to use WiFi is causing me to have a disability that limits my ability to learn. Does that make me a student with Special Needs too? The constant microwave signals in the school are surely going to affect all students, including adding health complications to what Special Needs students must already deal with.


I am in my final semester in grade 12, but the way my health is being affected, I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to graduate. I can’t think straight or remember things when I’m around WiFi devices in school, and I have fallen behind in my academic courses. 


This affects everything in my life. I should be enjoying weekends doing social activities with my friends, but most weekends I’m trying to recuperate from being at school all week. I’m NOT going to get this time in my life back. Will my school at least accommodate me so I can graduate?


All students have human rights. I am one of the few who has made the connection between WiFi and my health. Kids all over Canada have had to leave their schools because they were having heart problems or bad headaches, like me. 


Schools in Ontario have started installing heart defibrillators, because heart problems in children have increased dramatically.


Why install defibrillators in schools when you can choose to avoid one of the main known causes?  Shouldn’t we be proactive, not reactive?


I’m wondering why I have to sign a contract promising to use the internet safely, yet the way the internet is distributed within the school is not safe for me and the other students? 


Why do my parents need to sign a consent form for me to participate in a field trip that might be considered risky, but because they aren’t asked for their consent about WiFi in the school, they can’t protect me from an environmental toxin that makes me sick?


If I had a peanut allergy, my parents would be able to protect me and the school would make sure I wasn’t exposed to something that could make me very ill or even kill me. I know that the school district is responsible for talking to my parents and making a plan to keep me safe. It says on the Mission Statement, right up there on the wall, that they are committed to a safe environment for each student’s success.


Not long ago it was common for parents to smoke in their cars while they had their children with them. Now we realize this is unethical because their children could develop lung cancer from the 2nd hand smoke. I feel like those kids in the back seat that can’t breathe because the windows are rolled up, but I have no choice.


Will the District officials someday say “we are sorry we did not heed the warning signs?” To me it seems like a no brainer – hardwire the computer labs, offices, printers and anything else that can be hardwired.


Industry and government make billions of dollars off this technology every year, and they are the ones who tell us WiFi and other wireless technology are safe.


Well for me, the truth is that these technologies make me sick and unable to study and function in school. Nothing anyone says will change that I know this wireless technology is dangerous for me and others like me.


I believe I am entitled to attend school in an environment that is safe for me, but until school trustees stand up for my rights, and respect my parents’ rights to protect me, I am faced with the choice of health or education, but not both.


I am asking the School Board to make choices that protect kids like me and use hard wired technology proven to be safe, not technology that is damaging my health every day while at school.


I am speaking on behalf of all students, now and in the future, when I tell you we don’t want our DNA or braincells damaged when we come to school. We don’t want our ability to have children decided by a need for convenient technology.


Please show that you value ALL children above ALL else, by doing everything in your power to protect us.


Thank you.

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