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School district in B.C. agrees to shut off WiFi after parent's raise health concerns May 2013
Physician group strongly recommends against WiFi in schools, urging school boards to use wired internet. Read position statement October, 2012

reports that Laptop can Damage Sperm and Decrease Fertility. Click full study October, 2010

reports that microwave radiation from devices such as WiFi and cordless phones can cause
erratic heart rates. October, 2010

proves that Health Canada is wrong when it says WiFi is "SAFE". It also demonstrates
people's heart rate can change suddenly when exposed to pulsed microwave radiation
devices such as WiFi. Some students have reported extreme heart palpitations
inside Simcoe County Schools since WiFi was installed. October, 2010

A union representing 45,000 Ontario teachers warns against WiFi in the classroom.
The Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association wants all computers in the classroom
to be hardwired
. Read More
The influential Council of Europe recommends WiFi be banned from schools. The Council of
Europe has 47 member states and is highly influential in policy-making.
Click for News Release
Click for full document. May, 2011

WiFi Equipped Schools Pose Potential Health and Safety Risk Read More

Health Canada is confused about the World Health Organization's warning that wireless devices
including wireless internet are possible causes of cancer. Dr. Jonathan Samet is the chairman of
the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer. He says the warning refers to
microwave radiation from all wireless devices including wireless internet or WiFi. July, 2011

Ontario private school throws out WiFi and replaces it with safer, faster wired internet.
September, 2011

World Health Organization (WHO) reclassifies microwave radiation from wireless communication devices
and mobile phones as classification Class 2B "possible carcinogen." This is the same class as lead,
DDT and car exhaust.
Click for Press Release Click for Journal of Nature article May, 2011

National Research Council Press reports that many Canadians are being exposed to
dangerous levels of radiation in its journal Environmental Review. It concludes that a new
biologically based guideline is needed, instead of the dangerous, outdated thermal
Click for full study November, 2010

confirms no safety testing on microwave radiation from WiFi on Children. September, 2010

reports that standards for WiFi and other wireless devices are "entirely inadequate." Click report
Click for statement from Nobel Prize winning Karolinska Institute. February, 2011

reports on a school where parents voted to turn off WiFi and the school board is refusing. Parents
are taking children out of school. November, 2010

A Pediatrician urges the school board to "Do No Harm" to children and turn off the WIFI
when students are sensitive. December, 2010

interview with a former British intelligence officer and physicist who says WiFi is not safe for
school children. August, 2010

with Nobel winning epidemiologist and author Devra Davis about the questionable science
in microwave/cellphone studies. September, 2010

investigates why Insurance Companies are not insuring wireless companies. The health risk of cell phones is considered incalculable. September, 2010

brilliant investigation into the decades-long knowledge that pulsed microwave radiation causes
sickness and how this science has been suppressed. The report probes the illness and cancer-
risk caused by cell phones, cell towers, and WiFi. February, 2010

to see why Children Absorb more Radiation than Adults. Microwave News is the leading
investigative newsletter on microwave radiation that was started in 1980 by Louis Slesin,
who holds a doctorate in environmental policy from MIT. 

(BEMS) says the society is threatened by its "biased
scientific culture" that is often unable to accept positive
results that show microwave radiation causes harm to
humans. February, 2011

article which shows no improvement in test scores despite huge investments in
technology in schools. September, 2011

Newsmagazine of the B.C. Teachers' Federation argues against wifi in the classroom. September, 2010 Part 2 Should Wi-Fi be used in classrooms? October, 2010

from the Netherlands which warns that microwave radiation from city-wide WiFi is
destroying the health of trees.
Click for Tree Report in Wire Magazine - covering
Canadian Telecom. November, 2010

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. discover that microwaves emitted
by cell phones cause changes in the brain. These biological changes are well below
the "thermal level".
Click for Editorial February, 2011
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