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       No safe levels of microwave radiation for children have been established anywhere in the world. That's because children are understood to be the most vulnerable and there are no safety studies on WiFi and children:

      "There have been no studies exposing children to WiFi for 6 hours a day                                     A.Thansandote, Head of Electromagnetic Research Health Canada
       There are no safety studies on WiFi and children and yet Governments and Directors of School Boards tell us WiFi is “safe” according to Health Canada. Why?

It is a word game. The word SAFE as a trusting parent understands the word means it will not alter your child’s health.  “Safe” according to Health Canada only means the microwaves will not heat your skin in six minutes.

     Health Canada has a "regulatory guideline" called Safety Code 6. It was written in the 1970's when the only real concern was microwave ovens. The Safety Code states that if the microwaves don't heat your skin in six minutes, or begin to cook you, then they're not harmful. This is called the "thermal effect".


     But scientists for decades have proved that microwaves can cause serious biological changes at "non-thermal" levels. The early work of Dr. Alan Frey showed he could induce cardiac arrest in laboratory animals simply by exposing them to low levels of microwaves.


     Safety Code 6 (1999-2009) warns about the health problems some people will experience: "Certain members of the general public may be more susceptible to harm from microwave exposure." (p11).  WiFi should never be used in public schools because some children will be more harmed than others suffering headaches, nausea, radically altered heart rates, rashes and weakness. This warning from page 11 was mysteriously erased from the Safety Code in October of 2009.


      A key American scientist who was asked by the Canadian government to review Safety Code 6 when it was initially written recently spoke to Rodney Palmer of the Safe School Committee.  Dr. Glaser (Phd) is the former head of the U.S. Navy Microwave Laboratory and now with the FDA. When Dr. Glasser learned that Health Canada assured Canadians microwave radiation from WiFi is “safe” for children he said they're wrong:


     "They're either giving you partial information, or they're giving you misinformation. Because there is scientific consensus that microwaves cause biological effects. There is scientific consensus that children are more vulnerable. And there is no evidence whatsoever that it is safe for children. That is no foundation on which to declare something is safe."


     The “safety” code was designed before cell phones, before WiFi and before anyone dreamed that governments and school board’s would impose mandatory exposure of children to pulsed microwaves. Dr. Glaser says when the code was written, the "safe" level was allowed to be dangerously high to accommodate military technology. Nobody expected that decades later the same code would be used to justify the irradiation of kids in their classes. After all, even by the 1970’s it was scientifically established that microwave energy could cause serious illness.


     During his many years as head of the Microwave Lab for the American Navy, Dr. Glaser collected every study from around the world on the biological changes from microwave and RF exposure. His work culminated in a collection of 2300 papers and reports. Click here to review the Naval report on the Biological Effects Attributed to Microwave Radiation (1972).The index of biological changes is on page 7. 


     Despite the established health effects, wireless companies were granted special privileges to sell their products without safety testing. And this is the essence of the problem. Wireless technology is not SAFE in the way a trusting parent understand the word, and it is not safety tested. To avoid liability, telecom companies now state in user manuals that wireless products are not safety tested:


     "Under the law, FDA does not review the safety of radiation-emitting consumer products such as mobile phones before marketing, as it does with new drugs or medical devices." (Motorola 120-e manual p156)


      Neither does Health Canada review the safety, nor Industry Canada, nor the Provincial governments, nor your School Board. Nobody does. And when studies find damage to the blood-brain barrier or to sperm --- it is within four hours, less than a day at school.

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