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    Cancer and Leukemia

     The World Health Organization warned in May of 2011 that microwave radiation from wireless communication devices such as WiFi and cell phones may cause cancer. It is considered a possible carcinogen on the same list as DDT, lead and engine exhaust. Governments and school boards can no longer say WiFi is SAFE.

     It is important to note that both cell phones and WiFi came to the market without safety testing as a gift to telecom companies to help them expand quickly.

     Because chronic exposure to WiFi has not been studied with respect to the cancer risk, scientists are turning to studies that evaluate the risk of cancer from low level exposure from living near cell phone towers. This exposure is comparable because it is also constant, low-level exposure. It is also generally agreed that the risk of cancer from the microwave radiation emitted by cell phones increases if you started to use a cell phone before age 20.

     Many studies conclude that increased microwave exposure increases your cancer risk. Here are only a few of the
     many relevant studies:

      Long-Term Exposure to Microwave Radiation Provokes Cancer Growth: Evidence from Mobile Communication
      Systems, Experimental Oncology, 2011. Many cancer studies are listed in this excellent overview.

      U.S. National Institutes of Health stem cell study links microwave radiation at frequencies similar to cell phones
      and WiFi  to Leukemia and Cancer especially among children. 2009

      See WHO news release warning of possible cancer risk from RF/microwave radiation. May 2011
      Five fold increase in risk of cancer for children who began to use their cell phones earlier than 20 years old. 
                                                                                                   Click: Telegraph article       Click: Hardell 2008 study

      Even the telecom industry warns there is an increased risk of cancer with their products.

      Swisscom admits that WiFi increases cancer risk in this patent application. Swisscom is the leading telecom
      provider in Switzerland.

      Current warnings about the risk of cancer are written directly in the cell phone manuals.
      See warnings from Motorola and Blackberry.

      View short video by victims of brain cancer from cell phones. This is much like the anti-tobacco ads voiced by
      smokers with lung cancer twenty years ago. This was prepared by Dr. Devra Davis's Health Trust. Dr. Davis is
      author of "Disconnect, The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation."

      Here is an excellent study from Brazil showing a link to 4,924 cancer deaths from cell tower radiation. This highly
      respected study was published May, 2011. Many similar studies have shown increased rates of cancer among 
      people living in close proximity to cell towers.                                          Click: for news report        Click: for study

      Israeli soldiers exposed to microwave/RF radiation risk developing cancer within 10 years.

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