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Student and Teachers report Health Changes since WiFi.

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Students and Teachers report symptoms

Baxter Central Public School, Baxter
Severe headaches requiring an MRI

Birch View Dunes, Wasaga Beach

Headaches have required trips to Emergency. Dizziness only at school, Loosing focus, disassociating in class (phasing out), speeding Heart rate requiring medical attention (250 beats per minute), passing out at school, intense migraine headaches, referred to neurologist.

Cameron Street School, Collingwood

Headaches, Dizziness in school

Collingwood Collegiate Institute

Headaches, migraines, dizziness, insomnia, dehydration

Connaught Public School, Collingwood
6 year old girl`s heart was palpitating so quickly, mother received emergency call October 2010.  The grade one student recovered quickly once she was sent home away from the WiFi environment.

Ferndale Woods Elementary School, Barrie
Headaches, Nausea, Tremors, Dizziness, Unexplained Depression, Blurred Vision, Difficulty Sleeping, Difficulty Concentrating , Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Erratic Heart Rate, Skin Rash, Hyperactivity, Memory Loss, Dehydration.  All started within the last 6 months – 2 years.

Fred C. Cook School, Bradford
Headaches, Nausea, Tremors, Dizziness, Unexplained Depression, blurred vision, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, chronic pain, erratic heart rate. Memory loss, dehydration. This has begun in the last 6-12 months and only happens inside the school, and begins to subside at home. It doesn’t occur on weekends, but does recur upon re-entering the school. 

Harriett Todd Public School, Orillia

Severe headaches, nausea, fatigue, skin rash, blurred vision. This happens only inside the school, and has developed within the last 6-12 months. 

Holly Meadows Elementary School, Barrie

Frequent headaches, nausea, dizziness. Only occurring inside the school, never at home or on weekends.

Mapleview Heights, Barri

Headaches, nausea, erratic heart rate, memory loss, skin rash, Dehydration. This is almost every day inside the school and subsides on weekends at home. It recurs upon re-entering the school.

Mountain View Elementary School, Collingwood

Speeding heart requiring medical attention, headaches occurring at school and subsiding at home. Dizziness, Vertigo, skin rash, hyperactivity, dehydration.

St. Noel de Chabanal, Wasaga Beach

Speeding heart requiring medical attention. Dehydration, headaches, dizziness. All at school and subsides at home on weekends. Recurs occasionally at school. 

Terry Fox Elementary School, Barrie

Reports of headaches blurred vision, dehydration, fatigue. All occurring at school and subsiding at home. Never occurring on weekends, returning when going back to school.  

Worsley Elementary School, Wasaga Beach
Passing out at school, up to 3X per day. Racing heart rate requiring medical attention, dizziness, red flushed face and ears, loss of appetite.

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These are some of the emails received by the Safe School Committee

Chronic Symptoms Appear During The School Year:

April 26, 2011
"I just wanted to add my son to the list of people that have been affected by WiFi networks. We have home schooled our children for 3 years prior to this school year. This year 2010-2011 they are in public school with a wireless network. My 14 year old son, who is very athletic has been having probelms with a racing heart rate (lasting up to 20 minutes at a time) while at school or at homes using wireless networks. We use a wired router in our home because I suspected that these un-tested technologies would have adverse side effects."     

February 25, 2011
     "I recently removed my children from Terry Fox P.S. due to ongoing complaints about feeling sick and having headaches. I would love everyone to know that my children are feeling fantastic now. It surprised me how much better they actually are. My son was using an inhaler for his asthma every day! He had missed nearly 40 days of school for the last 3 years due to vomiting and diarrhea. The doctors and I believed he had a food allergy. I had the task of writing down everything he ate. Nothing made a difference. Since he left school the middle of November 2010, he has not used his inhaler even once!! I now don't believe he has a mysterious food allergy. He has not had any vomiting or diarrhea since leaving school!!  Wifi has been affecting my son for 3 years and I feel sick that I didn't know. I was not consulted that Terry Fox was a pilot project for wifi and I have been subjecting my children to something that is harmful to them. I am also happy to report my daughter's days are not filled with headaches and nausea anymore as they were when she went to Terry Fox PS."

November 16, 2010
     "Last year the school (Baxter Central Public School) was under construction and WiFi was installed. Shortly after my daughter started to have headaches on an almost daily basis. It was such a concern that our family Dr. sent her for a MRI, Thank god it came back normal. I had never thought about the WiFi until I got a pamphlet that was being sent out to Simcoe school students. At that time I knew this had to be the reason. I am meeting with the principal to urge him to switch back to cable, even our portables have cable to them. In our eyes there is no need for WiFi in grade school."

November 3, 2010

     "My daughter in Grade 3 at Terry Fox Elementary School in Barrie and is suffering chronic, sever headaches at school. For the first two months at school she was sitting about 15 feet from a wireless transmitter on the ceiling of the school. My daughter had been healthy all summer but the first week of school she came home with nausea everyday and just not feeling well. Then she started coming home with headaches three times a week. She’s so unwell at school she’s been missing a day of school every week. Sometimes she says she feels dizzy and her legs are weak."

June 17, 2010

    "My son goes to elementary school in Wasaga Beach. Last fall after returning to school strange symptoms began to appear including dizziness, headache, a feeling of "what's inside" his head was moving around (back/forth, up/down, left/right), loss of appetite, fast heart rate - even while resting, vision problems (seeing double/everything out of focus), ears turning red and hot to the touch, behaviour changes, "collapse" episodes and episodes where he felt like he would collapse ("blackout tired"), sometimes he lost consciousness up to 3 times/day).  He complains of things being too loud even when everyone/thing else doesn't seem to be loud to others. We have been to the emergency room too many times to count (including Sick Kids).  He's seen the family Dr, and Pediatrician, and also a Pediatric Neurologist, and Pediatric Cardiologist.  Tests he has endured include EEG, sleep deprived EEG, ECG, 48hr heart monitor, 2 week loop test (for heart), ultrasound of heart, blood work, MRI, etc.  All Medical professionals were stumped for an answer (they even suggested video recording our child to help diagnose the problem) until one recent test came back positive for seizures.  He is now taking pharmaceuticals for epilepsy and must undergo blood work to ensure no liver damage is occurring." 

June 15, 2010

    "My daughter attends Collingwood Collegiate Institute and has been sick for a couple of months.  In February of this year she got a sinus infection, then the headaches started and have developed into migraines.  She has also had dizziness, insomnia, unusual thirst – dehydration, and sinus infections."

June 12, 2010

    "I have 2 children at Birchview Dunes in Wasaga Beach. My son who is 6 and in senior kindergarten has come home with headaches and my daughter who is in grade 4 has come home and told me things like she can't concentrate and she feels like she's not at school also her grades have declined considerably since last year, I just thought she was getting lazy until I heard about other parents having the same problems."

June 9, 2010

    "My son goes to school in New Lowell and has been getting a lot of headaches. Once I found out about the WiFi problem I turned off our WiFi at home and his headaches mostly went away. But he still gets them once a week on average which doesn’t seem right for a 9 year old boy. Now something more severe is happening. His eyes have started rolling back in his head like he’s getting seizures. We took him to a neurologist but he couldn’t find anything wrong with him."


June 7, 2010 

    "My daughter goes to school in Wasaga Beach and she has been complaining about headaches and has been having the fast heart beats.  It all started last November when we moved here from the Toronto area. She is scheduled to have exploratory heart surgery at Sick Kids for Tachydardia. She has really fast heart beats and circulation problems."


June 6, 2010

   "I have 2 boys ages 6 1/2 & 8 who attend Birch View Dunes school in Wasaga beach. My oldest has been collapsing at school with his heart speeding up to 250 beats per minute. It’s been going on for a little over a year now but never at home. He only has these attacks at school.  Both my boys suffer with horrible migraines and are awaiting an appointment with a neurologist in Toronto. One of them has passed out several times at school."


June 4, 2010 

  "Hi I wanted to let you know that for the last year my daughter who is 7 is complaining about headaches and feeling dizzy at school. She goes to Birch View Dunes in Wasaga.  I have had her eyes checked and they are fine.  Also I took her to the Emergency Room one night and they could not figure out why she’s getting so many headaches, and only from mon-fri, but not on weekends.  I have received note after note from her teacher about these headaches but it’s strange that she doesn’t get them at home, only at school."


June 3, 2010 

   "My son is in grade 1 at Worsley Public School in Wasaga Beach. He spoke at a very young age and has never stopped!  He is outgoing and active.  His teacher contacted his mother and I in May as she has observed over the past couple of months a significant change in his behaviour.  She describes that at times he seems to tune out and disassociate to what is going on in class and is unable to focus. His mother and I went into see her where she expressed her concerns.  His mother and I have never observed that behaviour from him at home and we were quite shocked about hearing what is going on when he’s at school."


June 2, 2010 

    "My kids go to school in Wasaga Beach. Both of them suffer from chronic headaches, and my son complains of memory loss."

April 18, 2010

    "I go to Mountain View in Collingwood and I’m in grade eight. In the past year I’ve been getting pounding headaches almost every day in school. It’s like something is pulsing on my head and pressuring it. Sometimes I can’t hold a pencil because my hand goes numb. When I heard it might be because of the WiFi, I went and stood under one of the transmitters and I felt it right away. I almost fainted. I’m convinced that I feel worse when I’m near the WiFi transmitters."


April 15, 2010 

    "My daughter goes to Mountain View in Collingwood and she’s been getting terrible headaches for the last year. The thing that bothers me is that she always gets better when she gets home. She still having headaches about four times a week, and I mean severe headaches where she has to take Tylenol of Advil."


March 21, 2010

   "My daughter goes to Mountain View in Collingwood and she was getting headaches all last year. We took her to the eye doctor but her eyes are fine. It didn’t seem to make any sense. This year she’s been moved out to a portable where they don’t have WiFi and she’s fine. No headaches."


March 10, 2010

   "Both of my kids are coming home with headaches for the last year. It doesn’t seem right for kids to get headaches. They don’t concentrate as well in class and my older one has seen his grades drop this year. He’s fine on the weekends and can concentrate fine and doesn’t get headaches. It’s only at school that he has these problems."

March 6, 2010
    "My son started getting strange sensations about 6 months ago-distorted vision and distorted hearing that usually happened at bedtime and became more frequent. He would say that sounds became louder and softer even when others didn't notice this. I suspected our wireless internet/digital phone service because he used the computer quite a bit and the sensations were more frequent after he used the phone or internet.  It was almost a daily thing, but after hearing about the WiFi problem and doing research, I immediately changed my modem to cable at home.  My son has had zero incidents since I removed the wireless from our home, which by the way was located right under his bedroom."

March 5, 2010 
   "I’ve been getting calls from the school in the last year because my children won’t settle down. When my kids are at home on weekends they are fine. They play with their toys and are pretty quiet. My son has been having more panic attacks then ever before. He has had to wear a heart monitor at school and his heart rate went up to 190 beats per minute. One day this month I had to go get him because his heart was racing so much inside the school. The doctor calls it tachycardia.  He’s not sleeping well at night. He gets red in the face and ears and my daughter seems to forget things a lot. This is all in the last year or so."

March 4, 2010

    "Both of my children have arrived home after school with headaches lately and they rarely
complain of headaches. Both of them had to take Tylenol which they rarely take. My daughter came home one day recently with a headache and dizziness and had to lie down."

When school subsided, symptoms subsided, these are emails received from summer 2010:

August 9, 2010 
"My Daughter who has had a racing heart only while in school, and has had many visits to the doctor, is doing very good now. She hasn't had an episode since school has been out."

August 8, 2010  
"My son goes to Birchview Dunes in Wasaga Beach has a racing heart to the point where he's been passing out and even hit his head when he fell. This only ever happens in school, and it happens alot. Since school let out he has not had any problems with this and he's running and playing all summer just like the other kids."

August 5, 2010
   "My two kids go to Birchview Dunes in Wasaga Beach. Last year they started having headaches, and trouble concentrating in school. All of their symptoms have stopped since school let out for the summer."

August 4, 2010
     "My Daughter who suffered regular headaches and dizziness and even had to go to the Emergency Ward last year, has been absolutely fine since school let out for the summer. Her symptoms have completely stopped."

August 4, 2010
"I go to high school in Elmvale. In school I get severe headaches, nausea, I'm dizzy, I have also noticed mild memory loss. I occasionally lose vision in my one eye and I also lose feeling in my left hand.  Just a few days after school ended the headaches stopped and I've been fine."

August 3, 2010
"Since school let out my daughter has no more headaches. She needed Tylenol 4 days a week after school but has been fine every day this summer. She always looked pale after school but she's also fine every day and has no symptoms at all. The strangest thing was that her eyebrows went almost white in a matter of days during the school year when her headaches and dizziness were at their worst.  I am a Registered Nurse and I could not figure out why this was happening. However within a week into the summer holiday her eyebrow colour returned to her natural brown. It was very weird and actually scared my daughter.  God only knows what other damage is being done that we can't see."

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