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A Mother's Testimony

April 21, 2010

This is a letter to the Parliamentary Study Committee on Health from a Toronto Mother’s who’s daughter is suffering from effects of the wireless microwave transmitters at a Toronto Private School.

Re: Health Effects of Microwave [RF] radiation

"I have had a long career spanning 18 years in telecommunications.  I hold a BScH in Computer Science and Chemistry from Queens University and an MBA from Ivey Business school.  I have worked in many different areas in telecom: R&D, mobile marketing [Rogers Cantel], global strategic planning and telecom banking.  I have a very long list of business management and financial qualifications and was rated as one of the foremost financial investment analysts for telecom in Europe for several years [covering US$500 billion in enterprise value].  My speciality was following the regulatory framework – especially within the EU – and translating the changes into profit/valuation impacts.

I feel I am very well educated and qualified to submit a letter to this Standing Committee.

Firstly, despite what industry may say, mobile communications companies are the most profitable companies around the globe today.  Usually companies struggle to make a return on capital equal to their cost of capital.  It is the desired outcome but is actually quite difficult to accomplish over the long term.  Mobile communications companies, on the other hand, have proven super-normal profitability [significantly above their cost of capital] for more than 10 years globally.  Even when the start-up costs are considered, the return on capital is super-normal.  Economists and regulators will tell you that this type of super-normal profitability can only exist in a regulatory protected environment or a highly disciplined cartel.  It is the regulatory environment that has allowed mobile communications companies to reach super-normal profitability.  Mobile communications companies are considered to be operating in a competitive market and are therefore not regulated.  However, they are given preferential access to the microwave frequencies and allowed to transmit huge amounts of data on these frequencies.  The human cost of this transmission is borne by the country and not by the mobile communications companies.

It is my belief that, if mobile communications companies were to bear the cost of the ill health they are causing due to their regulatory protected use [Safety Code 6] of the microwave frequencies, these companies would be no more profitable than their cost of capital. 

What is happening is a shift in costs from mobile communications companies onto Health services  [similar to, among others, smoking and asbestos].  You are rewarding mobile communications companies’ investors and at the same time penalizing all public and corporate Canadian citizens by requiring they pay for the very health services they need as they become sick.

Industrial strength WiFi within schools

My daughter is an optimistic, happy, and intelligent 14-year-old.  At 5 foot 9 inches in height, she is the tallest girl in her grade at school.  In September, she started blacking out in the corridors of her private school in Toronto.  It was very odd because she had been healthy at school for the previous year.

It took many weeks and many visits to our doctor and the school to work out that the cause of her blackouts were the industrial strength WiFi devices mounted within the school at 5 foot 10 inches in the school corridors.  The school chose an industrial system so they could turn it on HIGH so it would service the students through the double brick and concrete walls of the school classrooms.  It is an old building. Many of the walls were originally external walls.  The WiFi chosen by the Board was one that would serve both the MACINTOSH frequencies at 5.5GHz and the PC frequencies at 2.4GHz.  Using my own measuring equipment.  The school refuses to review their WiFi policy.  They say that if it were dangerous, Health Canada would have warned or regulated schools.

Another girl in my daughter’s class started having panic attacks and has been prescribed anti-anxiety pills.  She only has panic attacks at the same physical locations within the school where my daughter has blackouts – in the near field of the industrial strength WiFi.

Fortunately, we have had excellent medical help. Dr. Magda Havas was able to measure my daughter’s heart move into stress in a double-blind test with a WiFi device.  My doctor has referred my daughter to an electrical heart expert at Sick Kids hospital. 

I am sure there are thousands of children suffering pain and handicaps across Canada because of the lack of caution in the use of the microwave frequencies.

It is my belief that microwave radiation is creating novel disease states that the medical community is not prepared for and does not know how to treat appropriately.

Health Canada

It is incomprehensible to me that an issue that has such an enormous impact on the lives of so many people that Health Canada is allowed to act defensively [defending the position that microwave radiation causes no harm].

Given the health implications for ALL Canadians, this is an area where Health Canada needs to show global leadership.  In a doctorate paper co-authored by  Rhonda N. McEwen and Melissa E. Fritzy, “An analysis of EMF Social Policy and Youth Mobile Phone Practices in Canada” discusses the lack of leadership within Health Canada and the lack of protection of our youth from this, still, experimental technology.


Like the Bisphenol A  issue, there are areas where Canada needs to lead.  To fall as far behind the G8 as Canada has done on this issue is dangerous for the health of our children and all citizens.

Other First World countries are making powerful decisions to protect their citizens.  It is time that Canada do the same."



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