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A Child's Testimony

9-year-old Wishes to Testify to Parliamentary Committee

   "My daughter is very electro hypersensitive. We live in Ottawa.  Samantha [age 9] would like to come before this parliamentary committee and explain to the members what it is like being a child with EHS and how she wishes the future would protect children, like her, from this horrible disability.

   Let me give you some background, for the last year Samantha has lived in our unfinished basement. This is the only place in our home that she does not get a headache or fill extremely unwell.  We have a constant 5 second microwave pulse that covers our neighbourhood 24 hours per day.  We have not been able to identify the source. 

  Samantha hardly goes to school.  Her school is in the line-of-site of a cell tower.

  Playdates and sleepovers at other homes are completely ruled out.

Warnings should be placed on wireless devices

   Samantha’s sensitivity increased in September when her classroom teacher decided to wear a wireless device to amplify his voice [usually this device is used for the hard-of-hearing, he felt it would help with classroom attention].  The transmitter for this device was placed behind Sammy [she sat at the back of the class to avoid the projector] and this precipitated an increase in her hypersensitivity.  The Ottawa school board had not approved this wireless device for school use and the teacher stopped using it immediately when he understood the problem.  However, he felt terrible that he had bought a device that had harmed a child.  He was shocked there were no warnings on the packaging – even something benign like “keep away from children”  “may be harmful to children” would have caused him pause for thought.  No such warning exists.

All hospitals should be set-up to treat EHS – especially children

   Having a child with electro hypersensitivity is a very difficult role.  Not only are GP’s unaware of the condition and how to diagnose it.  But there are no hospital departments or otherwise which can treat children with this issue.  I have been totally alone trying to cope.  As far as I can tell, there is ZERO help for children with this affliction

Create a safety code that protects children

   Safety Code Six is not safe.  It is based on heating an average sized man.  WHAT ABOUT CHILDREN?

   We as a nation are on a crash course. We are increasing the exposure of all children to microwave radiation without any caution.  Equally we have no ability to diagnose and treat the thousands of children who are becoming sick.  It is my belief that children are infinitely more susceptible.

What about the non-thermal effects that radiation has on children?

   It is no fun being a child living with EHS.  She finds it hard to understand why Canada allows such dangerous radiation to be emitted into the environment.  So much electricity being pulsed without into the air. So many children caught in the pulses.

   I beg you, before more children become sick, please encourage Health Canada and Industry Canada to act with more caution.  Like early x-rays being used to check that shoes fit properly on a child's foot, we are using radiation in ways that the benefit is unmatched to the danger.

   - Why do children need wireless devices to play games on TV [PS3, WII]?  These devices can easily be made wired and therefore safer for children.

   - Why do we need DECT phones that emit radiation 24/7.  Why can't we adopt the emerging German and French standard that only allows a DECT phone to emit radiation when someone is making or receiving a phone call.

   - Why do we need WIFI that emit radiation 24/7.  Again we should require the manufacturer to emit radiation only when data is being requested/transmitter. Similar to Germany and France.

   - All devices that emit microwave radiation above some minimum standard should be labeled as dangerous to children.  Even the Bell 2 wire modem for broadband DSL connection was emitting microwave radiation – there was nothing in the literature, no antenna on the device. It was invisible.  Warnings should mandatory on the devices.
   It is both socially and economically smart for Canada to protect  the children of today.  Sick children=sick adults.  This is a frightening reality of our time if we do not take steps to protect our children."
Ottawa, Ontario

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