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   Health Hazards from WiFi 

     The World Health Organization warned in May of 2011 that microwave radiation from wireless devices such as WiFi and cell phones may cause cancer. It is considered a possible carcinogen on the same list as DDT, lead and engine exhaust. Governments and school boards can no longer say WiFi is safe. 

      It is important to note that both cell phones and WiFi came to the market without safety testing as a gift to telecom companies to help them expand quickly.

novel group of symptoms has emerged in children attending schools in Simcoe County since the Board installed microwave WiFi transmitters.

     Watch a Global News investigation that proves that WiFi is not "SAFE".
     Watch what Children and Parents say at one Simcoe County School.

About WiFi: WiFi is a microwave transmitter that is used to connect to the internet without a cable. Wireless systems come with a long list of potential health risks. Most schools in Ontario already have safe cable connections that are faster and more secure.  However, school boards are pushing to install microwave systems that end up largely unused and continuously expose students to strong microwave signals. It is cheaper and safer to simply add more cables where needed. Hard-wired systems are now available from computer stores that easily turn every electrical socket in a building into a internet port. This is another easy and safe solution for schools or homes.  

Your Right To Know: 
WiFi is harmful to children.  Microwave exposure is linked to infertility, erratic heart rates, learning impairment, behavioural changes, leukemia and cancer, especially in children.

    The Committee has documented reports from children such as , "I can't hold my pencil sometimes," "I feel faint," "I keep having headaches," or "I feel sick to my stomach at school."  A distrubing number of children have suffered sudden erratic heart rates or full cardiac arrest during their school day. Cancer takes several years to develop before it is detectable. 
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